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Thank you for your appeal sent to the vacancy "Driver-Assistant to the Branch Manager". Considered and ready to invite you for an interview. The described work experience indicates that you are suitable as an employee, such people are needed by our emigrant-lawbureau !

We invite you to a preliminary interview with the lawyer-curator Mr. Hansen

head of the personnel department of the bureau. The interview will be conducted remotely via skype alvesta2010 in the presence of an interpreter.

We plan to buy 6 personnel and tour agencies for our projects in the CIS, staffing them accordingly. Attention is given to driver-assistants who will be able to move quickly between the CIS, Warsaw, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and Geneva.

Accordingly, to fulfill the tasks of the company, we are more focused on the "mobile deputy director" than on the "car operator of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado".

When selecting candidates, the main attention will be paid to the business and communicative qualities of the employee and knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian and other CIS languages that can take control of some business processes in the absence of the Director-Coordinator of the subsidiary company.

Prospective directions of the branch:

1) Investment, banking, opening business structures in different regions of the world (only for partners of companies with capital)

2) Trade and intermediary sphere. Sale of new cars from the EU. Sale of manufactured goods from South-East Asia (only for partners of companies with capital)

3) Employment of employees from the CIS countries and Ukraine in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia

4) Immigration to these countries by category:

5) Visa issues to these countries by category

The position of the Assistant Director provides advisory and practical assistance to the director of the branch in:


2) GUIDELINES by the regional coordinating center;


Your compensation on a piece-rate basis is an average of 5000 EURO per MONTH (% of attorney's fees + a fixed driver's rate to 2750 EURO)

Therefore, it will be important to express in the interview your position and thoughts on the functioning of our branches, so that they can identify you among the candidates.

Thank you for your attention to our company.

We are waiting for you for the interview and look forward to cooperation. Please, apply to my login of Skype alvesta2010

Please create your CV EN or RU

and be prepared to provide all the documents for the interview. Please fill out our employee form


Best regards,

Anders Lokis

Manager & Translator (Eng, DE, DK, RU, UA)